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Jacuzzi® Enjoy

18 jets and clever ergonomics provide plenty of room for 6 to sit back, relax and enjoy professional levels of hydrotherapy. Ideal for intensive use, Enjoy Base offers a built in design which expresses the ultimate in contemporary design in a perfect synthesis of uniqueness and functionality.

Commercial features include automatic water refilling and an external grid which reduce the level of maintenance required whilst users benefit from multicolour LED lighting and simple to use controls.

Enjoy Base offers all the prestige and exclusivity of the genuine Jacuzzi® brand.

Verkrijgbaar vanaf  €10.000

Afmetingen (L,B,H) 250, 250, 98 cm
Vrijstaand / inbouw Inbouw
Max. aantal volwassenen 6
Gewicht ongevuld 250 KG
Inhoud 2100 Liter
Aantal jets 18
Features Multicolor LED verlichting
Enjoy Base Jets
1 Speed pomp